Ralphs Grocery Store
Location 1:
1733 E Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA  
(760) 325-5664
Location 2:
425 S Sunrise Way
Palm Springs, CA
(760) 327-4370
Dry Goods:
*Osem Products (bamba etc.)
*Tradition Soups
*Soup mixes
*Matzo Balls
*And much more
Frozen Foods: 
*Empire Chicken and Turkey
*Cholov Yisrael Pizzas
*Knishes, Egg Rolls etc.
*Fresh kosher bread daily (Pas Yisroel – only w/ hechsher  of Rav Teichman)
*Old Country French Bread
*Arrowhead Jewish Rye
*Arrowhead Russian Rye
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